Don’t Go Far to Receive Quality Furniture

  • BY Steve Gamel
  • February 10, 2020

When most of us stumble across a mom-and-pop restaurant with great Margaritas or a charming boutique, the first thing we do is rush out to tell everyone about our latest find. The goal, of course, is to bring attention to something most of our friends didn’t realize was right under their nose the whole time.

“There’s no need to go far from home,” they say. “This place is right down the road from you.”

To take a page from that book, look what we found now! Adams Furniture in Justin has been serving Denton County homeowners just like you for more than 90 years but has somehow remained a relative unknown to many of us due to our infatuation with large retail and chain stores. Yes, big-box furniture stores are practically everywhere and have decent stuff. But if you live in Argyle or Robson Ranch, you end up driving farther looking for a quality sofa or bedroom set that you may never find.

Adams Furniture is a simple, yet inviting, 10,000 square-foot store located on the southwest corner of farm-to-market roads 407 and 156 in Justin. Although Adams offers a widearray of Amish and other American-made furniture, it specializes in many custommade options that bigger chain stores simply can’t do.

While the store has evolved substantially from its early days as a general store, customers see Adams Furniture as one of the last vestiges of a mom-andpop business.

Adams-Furniture-INTERIOR“We have created a niche for people who don’t want that cookie-cutter look. They want their own look,” said owner Jim Smith, came to work at Adams Furniture in 1969 when he was a freshman in high school and has been there every day since. “The options we provide here at Adams are almost endless. People will come in, and they’re looking for a table that will work with everything else in that particular room or even the wood floor. They’ll walk into a bigger store, and the service rep will say, ‘Here’s what’s on our floor.’ It’s a what-yousee-is-what-you-get type thing. That’s not the case at Adams Furniture in Justin.”

Most, if not all, the furniture pieces at Adams can have 30 or more color options. So if a client walks in and finds the perfect dining room table but wants it in rustic cherry, dark oak, or with a different base or legs, the friendly staff at Adams can make that happen.

Some of the brands Adams supports include Vaughan-Basset, Howard Miller, Serta, Riverside, Mayo, Borkholder, Yutsey and Best Home Furnishings, among others. Most of those can be found right on the showroom floor; the facility is crammed with living room groups, bedroom sets, and dining rooms. Also included are many recliners, lamps, desks, bookcases, and just about anything else you might need for your home.

“When people hear ‘older’ or ‘this is your grandfather’s furniture store,’ you don’t want them to think we have cobwebs hanging off the furniture or that what we sell is outdated,” Smith chuckled. “We’ve kept up with the times, both in the knowledge we’ve accumulated and the styles of product we sell. We have to be.”

Perhaps the best part is that there is little to no turnover at Adams. Eddie and Jon Romine have worked there for more than 20 and 12 years, respectively. What that’s done is create an environment where customers know they can work with the same associate years after their first purchase.

In many ways, it’s like you are dealing with family instead of salespeople.

There can be some great salespeople at big box stores, but the turnover rate is much higher.

“We’ve all accumulated a certain amount of knowledge over the years. We know what works best, and people like to deal with the local person,” Smith said. “They feel at home here. That’s valuable.”

Come in today and see why generations of families continue to choose Adams Furniture as their go-to place to find unique and quality furniture for their homes. Visiting Adams is truly an experience of genuine, warm, and personal service.

“A lot has changed over the years, but in many ways, we’ve stayed exactly the same,” Smith said. “Our goal is to continue to offer quality American-made products. We may not be able to cover the entire spectrum, but we can at least give people the best options possible. And we’ll spend all the time necessary with the customers to make that happen.”

photography by What’s That Guys Name? | photos of Furniture courtesy of Adams Furniture

817.925.9836 | | 417 FM 156 • Justin, TX 76247

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