Utah’s Mighty 5

  • BY Terri Guthrie
  • April 17, 2020
Terri Guthrie
Instagram @travelwithterri

As I travel and see the world’s most famous paintings and buildings, I realize that our national parks are the earth’s greatest masterpieces…and none of them were made by human hands. They are all museums of ‘Ancient Art,’ and five of them just happen to be in southern Utah. The “Mighty 5” are each very unique!


There are 2,000 named arches in Arches National Park. An opening in the rock earns a name and an “arch” designation by stretching 3 feet in one direction.

Capitol Reef

It’s 100 miles long and is named for white rock domes like the U.S. Capitol and rocky ridges like marine reefs. Capitol Reef National Park isn’t like anything anyone had seen before.


This area is a result of years of slow work of determined rivers and is located near Moab, Utah. Canyonlands National Park has carved-out canyons, sheer drop-offs, and footpaths that slice through red rock.


Zion National Park is the oldest and most visited in Utah. Millions of years ago, ancient iterations of the Virgin River started carving out Zion and now are eroded in spectacular ways. This is where ancient rock is shaped by the ever-changing flow of water.

Bryce Canyon

Your first view of the park is a dramatic unveiling! Bryce Canyon National Park reveals a magnificent panorama of goblins, towers and hue of colors.

Our National Parks are our American Masterpieces where you will surely have an epic adventure!

photos courtesy of Terri Guthrie

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